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Online Presence Analysis

Are you aware that search engines, such as Google, are constantly 'crawling' the internet, gathering information on all websites.


This is done in order to better the experience for people searching for all kinds of things, be it to find a service provider, to book a hotelroom, to read more about a product, basically anything that you can imagine.

Did you know that Google can penalize you if you're website is not "up to standard"? More importantly - The better you're website is optimized for search engines, the higher you're company or business will rank on search engine listings, without you having to pay the proverbial "Arm & Leg" to a marketing company. Search Engines will normally reserve the first five spots to paying clients, which can cost anything between R2500-R4000 per month. You can easily identify these, as the word "ADD" is usually displayed above the company details. Hereafter follows the Top Ten companies/businesses, as per their online presence and website scoring.


Allow us to assist you in doing a comprehensive analysis of your Online Presence. For as little as R250 (once-off), we will run a full assessment on your website, where after you receive a full report, stating what you are doing well, what needs attention and what changes needs to be made. This report also covers your Social Media-profiles, image-quality, accessibility options, and much more.

It is then up to you to decide if you would want to fix the issues yourself, or we can supply you with a quotation to assist in this matter.


If you believe that we can help, please send us your contact details, and also include any possible issues that you already might be aware of.

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