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Who we are

Rudi van Heerden, founder/owner of RDMD Consulting.

(No, this is not the most recent picture of Rudi...)

RDMD (Short for Rudi, Dorette, Marcelle & Danica)

was started in January 2021, after taking a leap of faith,

and with the help of some truly amazing people.


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Rudi van Heerden owner of this business
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Our Story

Rudi has been exposed to quite a few different types of employment during his 30-years+ working career.

After completing his National Service with the (then) South African Defence Force in 1992, Rudi worked in all walks of life, ranging from dispatch clerk at UNISA, managing horse stables, Game Ranger, managing a Cash Loans-business, Mobile DJ, and many more.

Rudi started his first 'serious' career in 1999 with Netcare 911, firstly as a Basic Life Support Paramedic,

and eventually qualifying as a Intermediate Life Support Paramedic.

In 2014, Rudi decided to say farewell to a career that, although it was both physically- and emotionally challenging, had taught him a lot about humanity, integrity, trust, honor, and, most importantly, being able to put others first and giving your best to better the life of others, irrespective of race, gender, religion or financial standing or political believe.

Rudi then went on to "live his passion" of caring for others, by spending 5 years at one of Pretoria's most respected funeral homes, starting as a Funeral Director, and eventually becoming a Funeral Planner, where he assisted bereaved families in preparing the final farewell of their loved ones.

In January 2020, Rudi left the funeral industry, hoping to start his own business, but, as everyone knows, the world was suddenly turned upside down due to the Covid19-pandemic, and Rudi spent almost one year without being

able to generate an income.

Until January 2021


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

079 896 8647

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